Hello and Welcome to my first Dollshouse project - a Victorian Terrace set in the 1940's..

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My First Dolly

This is my first attempt at a dolly for my house.  I used a free pattern by Mimi Kirchner and scaled it down by over 40%!  I also used cloth instead of felt, although I think felt may have been easier.

Whilst searching for Mimi's pattern I came across a fantastic blog - Needlebook and Tiny handmade and was further inspired, Claire's dolls are amazing! 

She's a little cobbled together ( I'm not a sewer) and I think I'd change the pattern next time and have a few less seams, but I hope that all adds to the charm :)
                                                   I added a drawn on stocking seam


  1. I think she's perfect in this room!

  2. She is gorgeous and looks exactly the right vintage for your house.

  3. Your Mimi dolls turned out beautifully! It didn't occur to me to try her pattern for dolls' house dolls. I love the way you've styled the lady as well and her dress is adorable. That bow fabric is so sweet and perfect! Also that wallpaper - I'm guessing it's vintage but it also seems to be miniature scale? It's so pretty!

  4. Thanks everyone for such lovely comments!
    Claire - the wallpaper is original 1940s wallpaper from www.ktminiatures.com, the pattern is small enough to be used in the dollhouse, it's gorgeous isn't it! Will be starting on the bedroom soon :)

  5. she is BEAUTIFUL :O
    And her dress is perfect!

    PS. I am a sucker for dollhouses so I am going to read all your posts and links you shared ;)

  6. I really love your blog Rachel, I've only just found it! I have just begun my own blog (ascarletdreamer.com) and have redecorated only the kitchen of an old doll house so far in 1950s style (not all that authentic, buut i tried!) I 'll have to visit your blog for inspiration for the next 3 rooms! x

  7. Thankyou Scarlet, that's very kind of you to say, will pop over to your blog am sure we'll inspire each other! :-)

  8. Wonderful! I love Mimi Kirchner's dolls so much as well! I love these photos Rachel they're so atmospheric!

    1. Thanks so much Tor, saving up for a Mimi doll, great aren't they! I may make a neater version yet but enjoyed making her :)