Hello and Welcome to my first Dollshouse project - a Victorian Terrace set in the 1940's..

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It's been so long but I've wallpapered the bedroom at last!

I finally got to use this beautiful original '40's paper from KTMiniatures,
probably the best miniatures site for 30's and 40's inspiration! 

Most of the furniture is made from Jane Harrop kits,
another brilliant site, 

not forgetting Dolly, my gorgeous miniature cat made by Josie -

there's still bits to finish but was so pleased with the wallpaper had to post!


  1. It is absolutely perfect! Having a cat curled up in the middle of the bed is so true to life too.

  2. Thanks so much Christine, there's still a lot to finish and add but just love the wallpaper and of course Josie's little cat!

  3. So reminicant of my grandmothers room , I love it :)

  4. Thankyou Kez, that's so lovely of you to say! :)

  5. Your house is really coming along nicely Rachel....the wallpaper looks stunning doesn't it, really sets off all the wonderful furniture and furnishings well!! Thank you for your kind words.Celia

  6. Catching up with this rather late - I just spotted you as a new follower on Cestina's Dolls Houses. I just love the fireplace, and the whole bedroom has come together quite beautifully. When we've completed our (big) house move, I look forward to exploring your blogs further :-)

  7. The wallpaper looks great! I will have to look for some for my 1940's house. Keep up the good work.