Hello and Welcome to my first Dollshouse project - a Victorian Terrace set in the 1940's..

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

It's been a long while since I've had time to work on my Dolls house but it's been nice to have a couple of days break from Illustration and fit and paint the front door.
I wanted the door to be more of a '40's style to match the inside rather than Victorian.
It was made by Malcolm Smith at http://www.malcolmsminiatures.co.uk
He was recommended to me by Celia at http://ktminiatures.blogspot.co.uk
and I'm really pleased with how it looks, just need to add door furniture.


  1. The facade looks fantastic, love the aging. And the curtains in yoir bay are too cute!

  2. Looks great! Nice to see you again!

    1. Thanks Susan, hope to make more time :)